Who We Are

In a busy  world full of responsibilities, we can often forget that we are human “be”-ings, and not human “do"-ings.  Aside from productivity, we are also made for relationships, worship, creativity and rest. 

My desire is that you experience pause and refreshment as you see and wear my jewelry.  My inspirations come from God’s encouraging promises in Scripture, along with the colors and textures of the pacific northwest where I live.  I desire to create a nurturing and restful experience for my customers.

As a teen, I stumbled upon jewelry making in the plethora of other crafts my mom, sister and I did.  I fell in love with jewelry making because I realized it was a craft I could wear and show people.  I liked taking modern trends and adapting them in my own way.

Through my textures, stones, quality of materials, and inspiring calligraphy, I want to draw you to a place that feels creative and restful.  Hinting at modern trends while providing my unique take on design assures that you will be one of a kind while still relevant. 

Take a walk with me though my garden of designs!