About the Artist

My name is Rebecca Noel Loomis, and from a young age, the art of jewelry making has not only been my passion but my sanctuary, eventually culminating into the creation of Rebecca Noel Designs.  Through years of honing my craft— from the hands-on learning in bead shops and under the tutelage of master jewelers, to the inspiration drawn from the lush landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, the verdant hills of Tennessee, and the rugged coasts of N. Ireland—my work has evolved into a celebration of the delicate balance between nature and artistry.

My full inspiration is a woven tapestry of the beauty of natural gardens, the diverse art I encounter, the community of artists that surrounds me, and the unique perspectives of my customers. Each piece of jewelry I create is a narrative of shared inspiration and what I like to call “windows into another world”.  My jewelry inspires the imagination and invites wearers and viewers alike to peer into these miniature landscapes of flora and colors, frozen in time yet alive with depth and intricacy. 

Utilizing a multimedia approach, I infuse real plants, many of which I grow and dry, epoxy clay, and the subtle shimmer of mica powders, crushed glass, and metal leaf into my designs, all sealed within crystal-clear resin. This resin, meticulously degassed to ensure perfection, encases each element in a lustrous, high polished finish. The creation of handmade ear wires from sterling silver and gold filled wire for my dangle earrings exemplifies my commitment to detail and the wearer's comfort.  The final effect of each piece results in an aesthetic that’s both earthy and ethereal.

As you cross the threshold into my booth or explore my creations online, my hope is that you find more than just jewelry. I desire for my work to be a conduit of blessing, offering moments of pause and refreshment. It is a privilege to craft these tiny worlds, miniature landscapes of flora and color with their own unique stories, and share them with you. My pieces are an invitation to observe the world anew, to find joy in the minutiae, and to wear something truly special and unique.

Residing in the Cincinnati area, my work is a labor of love that I am eager to share with you, whether online, at local art and craft shows, or a select few shops.